Selling a Business

The decision to sell could be one of the biggest decisions made in his/her business career. Contacting The Brokerage  is the first step a business owner should take, when considering selling a business; 

Whatever the reason for selling, an orderly transition to new ownership needs to be planned. The Brokerage Connection can help!

Deciding to sell

If you are new to the idea of selling, read about the best time to sell and the warning signs you should be aware more.

What we do  

The Brokerage Australia guide sellers & buyers through all areas of the selling process. We can help you understand how to sell your business, how to value a business for sale, and ultimately help to sell your business in more.

How we do it  

The team of brokers at The Brokerage Australia has the knowledge, experience and tools to properly bring the sale to a successful conclusion. They manage the entire process to accomplish a successful closing for all parties more.

Why choose us

Our brokers have been trained in all areas of the selling process. Our team understand the time, energy, stress and love that goes into running a business; as we are business and franchise owners more.

 Sell it yourself or use a broker?

If you have decided it is time to sell, is it best to use a broker or sell it privately? Read more.

Our packages

Not every business is the same. So we have packages to suit different situations and more.

Free guide

Download our free guide '6 Steps to a Successful Sale'. Created to help sellers get the best out of their sale. Download here.

Our team

Speak to a business sale broker. Find your local broker here.