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The facts are widely known, the average Australian income is not enough to live off during retirement. Investing in real estate is one way to achieve financial flexibility for the future.

The potential to earn through rental income or future resale (or both) make property investment a popular way to build wealth for the future.
The Brokerage Connection are committed to assisting Australian’s achieve financial security, as well as their dreams of wealth creation.

We help new buyers purchase their first investment property and assist seasoned investors who are looking to expand their portfolio.

Invest with confidence at The Brokerage Connection!

The process doesn’t have to be complex and difficult.

We aim to make it simple and easy. We are right there with you from the initial strategy, to arranging finance, facilitating the purchase and construction right through to selecting a property manager.

But it doesn’t stop there, we know building wealth takes time; we provide ongoing support for our investors for their entire investment journey through our Club Connect program.


Without experience or expertise, it’s hard to know where to invest or how to build a portfolio.

We want our clients to understand the benefits of property investing, and how it can help create financial flexibility and security for the future.


To ensure you make smart investment decisions, we undertake a full analysis of your situation and your potential.

Each client requires a unique approach, no cookie cutter solutions here!


The options can be overwhelming, but we can alleviate the stress.

We will recommend a location and package option that best suits your needs and desires, from our endorsed panel of property options.


Wealth building can take time, and it’s hard to do it alone. Our team will coordinate all the steps of your purchase, including the mortgage broker, conveyancers, solicitors, banks and quantity surveyors. Saving you time and stress, allowing you to keep enjoying life.
We have established relationships with HIA registered builders and developers around Australia, to provide a wide range of options to help you obtain an investment property and start your journey towards financial security and flexibility.


To ensure the ongoing maintenance and success of your rental property we will refer you with reputable Property Managers in the location of your property.
We also will connect you with likeminded investors, through our Club Connect program.

In addition, our consultants will help you build and hold a portfolio of quality properties over the long term. Maximise Wealth. Minimise Tax.
For a personalised approach, that will help you make smart investment decisions contact our team today for a free health check of your financial situation.

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