House & Land 

This is where a buyer secures a block of land, and the construction of a property.

There will be two contracts involved with two separate entities:

The Land – you will purchase the lot from the advertising agent/developer

Construction – you will enlist a builder/developer to construct the property

You buy the land first. You then will pay the builder/developer at certain stages through the construction of the build.

  • Base stage: When the concrete slab has been poured and the Frame goes up
  • Lock Up Stage: Bricked and boarded, with a roof
  • Fixtures: Fixtures are installed
  • Lock Up: When it is checked and completed, ready for the keys to be handed over.

Benefits of House & Land packages include:

  • Costs are clear: when you buy a house an land package, you know the combined price from the outset. Stamp duty and registration fees are not included in the price.
  • Less Stressful: The stress of selecting interior design elements is reduced, as pre-determined packages are available for you to chose from.
  • Grants: If you are buying a first home you may be eligible to receive the First Homeowners grant or other incentives for buying new property. Each state and territory varies.
  • Warranty: As the property is new, you will be eligible to claim under warranty should any problem arise.
  • Easier to maintain: The property will be easier to lease, and have fewer maintenance property than an older building.
  • Depreciation: You can claim the maximum depreciation allowance on your tax return, as new properties depreciate faster than existing properties.

House and Land Packages are deemed to be a good solution to the housing affordability crisis.

Here the different types of options on offer from when investing with house & land.

free standing house


This is a single-detached dwelling, detached residence or detached house. There is only once source of rental income from this structure.

Returns estimate 4.5%.


This type of property shares walls with the adjoining property on it’s own block of land.

They are typically managed by strata. There is only once source of rental income from this structure.


A duplex is two properties on one block of land, that share a common wall.  They can exist on one land title by one owner, or can be sold to exist on separate titles.

They receive two rental incomes from one asset.  You would earn as much rental income as you would from two detached houses, saving thousands on land costs.


A dual key property is one which (most commonly) has a self-contained dwellings on one block of land.

There is a shared common property, but separate lockable doors to each home. The owner of the property can benefit from two income streams. It is popular with investors or owner-occupiers who are looking for strong returns. Returns estimate 6.9%

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