"To fail to prepare is to prepare to fail"

The majority of businesses come to market when the owners / shareholders have reached the conclusion that they want to sell ‘yesterday’. A longer term planning approach, working with an experienced Exit planner and business broker to prepare the business for sale, is likely to both contribute to achieving a higher consideration and also a quicker sale through a more streamlined process.

We work with you to define your end result and the roadmap to develop the business to the required state. For some this can be a 6-month process, or others a 1 or 2 year journey. 

The rewards for properly planning your business exit can be substantial, for you and your business.

At its simplest, Exit Planning is about determining what a ‘more or less’ ideal exit looks like, and then establishing the milestones a business would need to reach in order to have the maximum chance of achieving that ‘ideal’ exit

The next step is to identify the actions required to get the business to that ‘ready state’ to work on the business of selling the business. 

Whilst a significant element of this is pointed at the level of sales and profitability of the business, there are also a large number of non-financial factors including:

  • Legal (employee contracts, appropriate Board minutes etc)

  • Commercial (terms of business, copies of contracts etc) and

  • Hygiene factors (appropriate backup procedures, general tidiness etc).


Man with Beard


"Maree and John have sold several franchises for us. They are hard working and professional and I would reccomend them to anyone looking for a broker."



"I have worked with The Brokerage Connection and its master franchisees for a number of years. John McSweyn is a true gentleman of the business world. He is a formidable negotiator and certainly someone you want on your team when buying or selling a business



"Matt was very helpful throughout the purchase of my business. I was kept up to date with all aspects of the sale. I have had bad experiences with Business agents previously. I would recommend Matt Butcher and The Brokerage Connection highly for their professional approach and handling of the sale."