How we get businesses sold

The team of brokers at The Brokerage  has the knowledge, experience and tools to properly bring the sale to a successful conclusion. They manage the entire process to accomplish a successful closing for all parties involved. This includes;


The Brokerage uses a unique selling system, to guide business owners effortlessly through the process of selling their business. 

The unique selling system;

  • uses several different appraisal methods
  • compares recent sales of similar businesses
  • identifies add-backs from profit & loss statements provided
  • (in some stages) The Brokerage  team have mortgage broking experience, which helps ascertain the borrowing capacity of the potential purchaser.  


‘Business for Sale’ marketing campaigns offer many avenues for exposure. However, no one method fits all. To reach a broad base of prospective buyers, marketing methods are specifically tailored to each business. The Brokerage Australia broker will recommend some, or all the following marketing tactics;

  • Online advertising (find out more) 
  • Electronic Direct Mail
  • The Brokerage Website 
  • Promoting to existing broker networks
  • Social media 
  • International Buyers 
  • Professional presented documents and due diligence information.


Procedures and practices are in place (confidentiality agreements and closed networks), to safeguard the business from being harmed by the premature disclosure about the sale. Brokers pre-screen buyers to determine if they are financially qualified to purchase a business.

Once a buyer has been qualified, the Broker will then allow access to the Business Profile and Due Diligence Documents. 

The Deal

The prospective buyer and seller will be guided through;

  • Preparation of an offer
  • Negotiation
  • Finance (in some states)
  • Written and firm expression of interest
  • Settlement 
  • Transfer of ownership/responsibility.  

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