Selling a Business

Sell it Yourself, or Use a Business Broker?

Once you have made the decision to sell your business, the next big question is whether to sell privately or using the services of a business broker. Here are a few things to consider. Read More.


Properly Valuing a Business Using Add-Backs

Establishing the correct figures is one of the most critical aspects of the process. Brokers will use 'add-backs' to achieve this. What are add-backs? Find out here.

Training the New Owner of a Sold Business  

 It is common practice once a business has been sold, that the previous owner provides training to the new owner. The type and duration is unique to each business. Find out more. 

Open, Sole or Exclusive Listing 

Vendors spend a significant amount of time researching the best way to get a business or property sold. It can be a confusing time, especially when they are uncertain of the meaning of the terms. Read more here. 

Is Spring a Good Time to Sell A Business?

 Spring is know to be the best time to sell real estate, is it the same for a business? Read More. 

Value Drivers

Make a business run better today and be more attractive to buyers some day in the future, with these value drivers. Read More

 Selling in the New Year 

Every business is different; the conditions and environment are unique to each. This is the same for choosing the right time to sell. However, the New Year is an ideal time to start the consideration of selling a business. Read more here.


Should You Put Your Business On The Market Before New Year

Is it better to get your business on the market  before the New Year, or wait until after the Australia Day Holiday? Here are things to consider to help you make your decision.


Great Photos Sell Businesses 

Not all budgets allow room for a professional photographer. The Brokerage understands that the business owner is usually the one behind the lense, and have some tips on how to take great photos. Read More. 

5 Essentials When Selling A Business 

Most of the time deals are smooth and efficient. However, without the right plan in place some can be difficult and complex, causing stress and concern for the seller. Fortunately, there are steps that business owners can take and things they can look out for, to avoid obstacles that impact the sale of a business. Read More.

Types of Buyer Finance

If you are successful in find a buyer, whilst you may be satisfied and are ready to make a swift transaction, there are other factors that can impact the the duration of the transaction. One is finance. There are different financial scenarios that buyers may use. Read More.

Buying a Business

 Benefits of Buying in Winter 

There is an assumption that the market is ‘slower’ in winter months. Potential buyers often delay researching businesses for sale until springtime. However, there are opportunities available in winter which buyers should take advantage of. Read More.

Questions to Ask When Buying a  Business

Whilst a serious buyer will engage a professional team to perform due diligence and check the quantitative facts of a business for sale, it is also important to ask some qualitative questions. Read More.

Gaining Landlord Approval

 Even though the seller accepts the price and the terms, the business isn't officially sold. If the premises is leased, the buyer will have to gain landlord approval before assignment of the lease can occur. Read More. 

Traits of a Successful Business Owner

The skills needed to do well after buying a business, can be established through don't have to born with them. How do your skills rate? 

John's Top 5 Questions to Ask When Buying a Business

CEO John McSweyn's top 5 questions to ask when looking to buy a business. Read our guide here.

Mortgage & Finance 

Spending Habits Impact Home Loan Chances 

Future home owners will need to think twice about their spending habits, as banks will look to follow customers financial footprint in a bid to better assess their borrowing capacity, by scrutinizing their bank statements. Find out more. 

Why you should use a mortgage broker to secure your finance

A mortgage broker not only can present you more opportunities with different lending partners (where a bank only access to a single suite of loan programs), they can also provide you a more personalised experience. Find out more. 


Why Buying A Franchise is a Good Idea 

Buying a Franchise business has it's advantages. They provide support with systems, marketing and training .  Franchisees benefit from existing brand recognition and buying power.  Read more. 

What is a Master Franchise 

When a business grows, it will look to franchise to further develop. One model is a 'Master Franchise' system. Read more here.

Residential Property

Stamp duty changes have just made it easier for first home buyers to enter the market.
Read more.